When parents speak badly about other parent.

When parents speak badly about other parent.

In order for a non-custodial parent obtain custody in a modification action, after custody has already been decided, the noncustodial parent must prove that there now exists a material change in circumstances which is detrimental to child or the child’s relationship is deteriorating because of the custodial parent is refusing to adhere to visitation that is scheduled.  Blog 2

When a parent speaks badly about another parent to the child that is one reason.

If the child previously had a loving relationship with the child and suddenly does not want to spend time with the noncustodial parent this is another reason to change custody or for any of the reasons listed above reason to initially change custody and or change custody.

This called parental alienation and it can be used to argue that these actions by one parent are reasons to award and change custody.

I know this can happen because it was attempted to be used against me by my ex-poisoning the minds of my kid.

I have read at least 50 psychology journals and case law so I know what I am talking about.


Call me at once for help or you may lose your relationship with your kids forever!

I am attaching an article on this for your review.




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